Junior Repertory

Acting Classes

Who Do I Contact?

For enquiries contact Leilani Boughton at classes@maitlandreptheatre.org

Changes at Junior Rep

It's a brand new year and 2016 sees some changes happening at Junior Rep!

We're moving onward and upward. Part of our transition includes the renaming of Junior Repertory Theatre to become more inclusive in our classes and we'll now be known as Maitland Repertory Theatre Acting Classes.

We're removing "Junior" from our title and joining forces with Maitland Repertory Theatre and expanding our age range to bring quality acting and theatre classes to members aged 8 - 21 but with a view to provide workshops and learning opportunities for adults as well.

We'll still have a production every year and if you'd like to keep track of what we're up to go to our new webpage or head over to 'Maitland Repertory Theatre's facebook page' and follow us there!