Reamus Youth Theatre

Who Do I Contact?

Contact the Reamus Youth Theatre Leader, Joanne McAndrews
Phone: 0429 480 113

Theatre for Young People

Maitland Repertory's Reamus Youth Theatre caters for persons aged from 16 to 25 years.

Weekly Meetings

Monday is Reamus Night at the theatre. Reamus members contribute $2 subscription each night to pay for minor expenses such as refreshments and photocopying.

Reamus meets on Monday evenings from 7pm to 9.30pm at the Repertory Theatre, Maitland.

Reamus members are required to be members of Maitland Repertory Theatre for insurance purposes.

Reamus Concept

Reamus Youth Theatre gathers young community members between the ages of 16 and 25 and aids in developing their skills in a wide range of theatre concepts. These vibrant and talented thespians often produce fantastic entertainment for the general public.

What Does Reamus Do?

For one night per week, Reamus meet to extend their theatre skills through various workshops, rehearse performances and, of course, have fun. Reamus has performed an annual Shakespeare since 2002 and has performed short play nights and play in a day productions.

Acting based workshops help Reamus members to explore facets of the art such as improvisation, character development and movement whilst occasionally tapping into other performing art forms including dance and singing.

Not only does Reamus provide a stage on which young adults can perform, it also offers the opportunity to become involved in the technical side of theatre including directing, lighting, sound, costumes, set design and hair and makeup.

Scholarships have been offered to Reamus members to extend their theatre knowledge through external, professional workshops. More scholarships will be offered in the future for Reamus members.

Upcoming Events

Love's Labour's Lost by William Shakespeare.

Our Last Plays

Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare.

Dreamtime by Maura Campbell.

What Does Reamus Think About Reamus?

Reamus members reflect upon what Reamus has meant to them.

'I think Reamus is a home. A place where you can be loved for whoever you are and be drawn so far out of your shell you forgot why you were ever so crabby.'

'It's the one day of the week where I can be crazy and no one judges me.'

'Reamus is a really supportive and fun community to be a part of.'

'I like seeing how happy everyone is at Reamus.'

'The way I look at it, if you're in Reamus and you're not having fun then you're not doing it right.'

'I'm becoming a better person because of Reamus.'

'Coming to Reamus is honestly the best thing I've ever done.'

'It's my happy place.'


If you are interested in lending your expertise and sharing your skills and talents, please call Joanne McAndrews on 0429 480 113 (email: as mentors are always needed and appreciated




'Shakespeare is not easy at the best of times.

But put one of his most famous plays in the hands of a young group of thespians full of vitality, enthusiasm, energy and talent, and you end up with a very enjoyable show ...

The directors describe this as a 'highly physical production' and driven by 'dedicated minds with a sheer love for the theatre'.

I agree - it showed. Well done to all.'

- John Brown, Maitland Mercury, 2014. 'The Maitland Mercury - Young Cast Shines in the Tempest'


'Maitland Repertory Theatre has kicked off a new training program with a Maitland City Council community grant.

The first workshop in the program included 10 members of Reamus Youth Theatre who attended an acting class last weekend.

The demystifying Shakespeare workshop with actor and teacher Sarah Woods was held to prepare Reamus Youth Theatre members for its next production, The Tempest by William Shakespeare ...

The Reamus workshop worked on developing characters and expanding acting skills.'

- Rebecca Berry, Maitland Mercury, 2014. 'The Maitland Mercury - Reamus Studies the Bard'